Fitness must be fun and effective, or you won’t keep up your workout routine! It’s just that simple. The easiest way to ensure you’re able to establish a fitness flow in your life is by finding the right activity and the right fitness center to engage in that activity. What are some key factors that you should consider when selecting a fitness facility to join?

WHAT EXCITES ME? Simply put, what kind of workout could you see yourself enjoying, and not dreading having to participate in several times per week.

WHAT IS CONVENIENT FOR ME? Convenience is a relative term, but you should select a fitness center that is close to either your work or your home, or is along your regular commute route.

WHAT IS MY FITNESS BUDGET? There are fitness options at every price point. From $10 a month to $1,000 a month or more. Pick a number that you’re comfortable spending on fitness every month, and that won’t make you question your financial commitment every time you see the membership dues come out.

WHAT TYPE OF FITNESS CENTER DO I WANT TO GET A MEMBERSHIP AT? Make sure that you choose a workout facility that you’re comfortable with. The fitness market has many great options, so selecting the largest or most well-known name is often not the best approach.


WHY SHOULD YOU CONSIDER TAPOUT FITNESS NORCROSS? Simply put, we are the most unique 24-hour fitness concept in all of Atlanta.

-Multiple Atlanta area locations, including Norcross, Sandy Springs/Roswell, and Woodstock

-Amazing group fitness options

-High level kickboxing, boxing, BJJ, and MMA instruction

-Top personal trainers for fitness and weight loss

-Membership rates for EVERY budget

Come take a free fitness class today and experience the martial arts infused fitness program that is rocking the Atlanta gym market!

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