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Tapout Fitness Norcross has the best 24 hour fitness center trainers in Atlanta!

Many people come thru our doors every day at Tapout Fitness Norcross, most have specific goals in mind. Some want to lose weight, some want to put on muscle, some want to learn boxing or kickboxing, some want to just try to stay active and be healthier. We often see people coming in with goals, and then failing to achieve them, because they lack either the accountability or the knowledge on how to use the gym properly. Luckily, Tapout Fitness Norcross has several programs available to help our members get exactly what they want out of the gym! Personal trainers at Tapout Fitness are all qualified in personal training, as well as group fitness instruction and martial arts or boxing. We pride ourselves on hiring great people, paying them well, and making sure they stick around for a long time, so unlike many other gyms, we do not have revolving door of personal trainers. Our training rates are also highly competitive, and our 24 hour gym gives you the flexibility you need to fit personal training into your schedule and budget. At Tapout Fitness Norcross we offer the following types of personal training:

  • Boxing personal training
  • Kickboxing/marital arts personal training
  • MMA personal training
  • Jiu Jitsu personal training
  • Classic body building personal training
  • Weight loss personal training
  • Functional strength and general wellness personal training

We also have programs that start at less than $20 per month for ongoing virtual personal training, so even if you think you can’t afford training, come see us! We are ALWAYS able to find a way to help on any budget!

If you want  a personal trainer in a 24 hour gym than come see us at Tapout Fitness Norcross!


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