Boot Camp Class Near Me

Boot camp classes are sweeping the gym industry, and it’s no wonder why! Boot camp class is fun, easy to set up, can incorporate a wide variety of different styles of exercise, and allows the bootcamp instructor to develop his/her own style around the boot camp class, and make creative changes so no classes are alike. Since there is so much variety and so much flexibility in developing a boot camp fitness class, gyms that offer boot camps also vary widely in:

  • Types of boot camps offered
  • Times of boot camp class
  • Goals of a boot camp
  • Prices of a boot camp program
  • Type of gyms hosting the boot camp classes

Many boot camp classes are held in very basic “industrial” space, with minimal amenities or equipment. You are there for simply the boot camp class at the time the bootcamp class is offered, and that is it. Ironically, these bare bones boot camp operations are also frequently the most expensive. Tapout Fitness has an extensive boot camp fitness class schedule, with dozens of options every week, ranging from 6am to 8pm. In addition to our many boot camp classes and times, we can offer our gym members that following benefits:

-24 hour gym equipped with everything you need to do a great boot camp, as well as a “traditional” workout. Our emphasis on boxing and kickboxing (aside from boot camps) means that we also have tons of martial arts and kickboxing/boxing training stations and bags to use 24/7/365, including a boxing ring and MMA cage!

-The best instructors in Norcross and beyond. We only hire the best, and when we find the best we make sure we take good care of them so that they stick around. Our staff of trainers and instructors is one of the keys to our success in the highly competitive gym business

-Effective and fun group fitness calendar with lots of variety. We have everything from boot camps, to Pilates, to kickboxing, to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

-Rates that offer something for any budget. No matter what your fitness center budget is, we can make sure we have a gym membership option for you. Come see our gym today, try a boot camp class, or any of our classes, and talk to one of our staff members about your fitness budget. I bet we can find something that works for you.

Come and see our 24 hour fitness center today and JOIN THE FITNESS REVOULTION AT TAPOUT FITNESS!


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