If you are searching for a kickboxing class near me via Google or any other search engine, and are looking for Kickboxing gym in Norcross, Woodstock, Duluth, Chamblee, Doraville, Atlanta, Roswell, Acworth, Canton, Johns Creek, Peachtree Corners, Berkley Lake, then Tapout Fitness may be the kickboxing gym for you!
Combat sports based group exercise is the maybe the biggest trend in the fitness industry at the moment, and kickboxing classes are right at the top of the list of what people want. As such, many people are searching for Kickboxing class near me or Kickboxing gym near me or even more simply kickboxing near me.
So what makes Tapout Fitness’s kickboxing classes so great? First of all, they are held at our 7,500 square foot 24 hour fully equipped gym, which means you get the benefit of a full spectrum fitness center in that is open 27/7/365 in addition to the kickboxing classes. Not only that, we have literally dozens of classes a week, with Kickboxing classes making up only a portion of what we have to offer for group fitness.
Beyond the additional fitness elements we bring to the table, our Kickboxing classes are taught by highly qualified instructors, with serious kickboxing backgrounds. With that said, we believe that we’ve found the sweet spot where technical and serious kickboxing training blends into a fitness based kickboxing class, that will give you real, legitimate instruction without forgetting that you’re there to get in great shape and have a killer workout while having a good time doing it!
Tapout Fitness Kickboxing classes incorporate; heavy bag work, ring drills, gladiator circles, mitt and pad work, strength and endurance training, high intensity fat burning principals. And our Kickboxing classes are all set to high energy music in the unique Tapout Fitness environment. So if you are searching for kickboxing class near me and landed here, make Tapout Fitness your first and last stop for a local kickboxing gym.


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