Tapout Fitness in Chamblee, Georgia

Looking For Something Unique, Not Just Another Gym: Try Tapout Fitness in Chamblee, Georgia

What Does Tapout Fitness Have to Offer?

Looking for a gym that is more than just a gym? It’s time to check out Tapout Fitness, the 24 hour fitness center with a Kickboxing, Boxing, and HIT boot camp based group fitness calendar that’s creating waves in Chamblee!

At Tapout Fitness in Chamblee, we provide choice above all else. Whatever your fitness goals, we help you meet them with our diverse fitness classes including our martial arts and boxing based fitness programs, as well as old standbys like Yoga and Dance Fitness, a fully equipped 24 hour “traditional” gym that can compete with any big box facility, and highly qualified personal trainers.

Becoming a member of Tapout Fitness Norcross is the only way to gain access to our industry leading fitness classes and certified personal trainers. Keep reading to learn more about what Tapout Fitness can offer in Chamblee.

Value for Your Money

At Tapout Fitness, we are proud to offer our clients maximum value for their dollar. Just for signing up, a Tapout Fitness member receives:

  • Access to our Kickboxing/Boxing beginner orientation class
  • A 30 minute personal training session and fitness evaluation

In addition, a membership to Tapout Fitness gets you unlimited tanning, access to our cross training and self-training Kickboxing/Boxing stations, and 24-hour admission, all for less than $1 a day.

Classes for All Fitness Levels

If you are searching for fitness classes in Chamblee, Tapout Fitness is the place to be! Our classes were created by experienced boxers and kickboxers, and are based on programs used by MMA, Boxing circuit, and WWE athletes.

Even better, there are classes available for people of all fitness levels! Nearly all of our classes are scalable according to your ability, which means that everyone is working their hardest to achieve the bodies of their dreams, and no matter what fitness level you happen to be at you will benefit equally from participation.

Personal Training Options

For the people who are searching for a personal trainer in Chamblee, Tapout Fitness has you covered. In addition to teaching classes, our certified trainers set up individual and small group training sessions.

Working with a personal trainer is the fastest way to get into the shape of your life. A personal trainer can help you establish exercise and eating plans to help you achieve your goals, whether you are training for a bodybuilding competition, preparing for a marathon, or losing weight for an event.

Tapout Fitness is the ultimate gym in Chamblee. Our group exercise classes and customer service are the best in the area, so join now!

Call today to discuss membership: (678) 359-6455.


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