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If you are sick and tired of the impersonal and boring atmosphere of average gyms, join Tapout Fitness! We are a gym unlike any other gym in Dunwoody. At Tapout Fitness, we bring out the inner athlete in our Dunwoody clients, helping them train to achieve their fitness goals. By offering a combination of exciting group classes and individual and personal attention, Tapout Fitness in Dunwoody can help you train for your competition, gain muscle, lose weight, have fun, maintain your physique and everything else in between.

Dynamic Group Classes

Do you hate going to the gym and seeing the sea of people on the cardio machines, running or biking with blank, zombie-like faces? We do too! That’s why we offer dynamic, high-energy classes to our members. In these classes, which are based on training programs used by the athletes in the WWE, you can improve your agility, cardiovascular system, strength, flexibility and more. Of course weight machines and cardio machines are effective ways to meet your goals — that’s why we have them in our 7,500-square-foot facility — but mixing classes into your workout routine is a great way to maximize your training. In addition, your instructor and classmates are all working toward the same goal as you are: giving 100% to their physical fitness.

Individual Attention

On days you do not want to do a class or group workout, you can always use the machines and boxing areas in the gym to work out on your own. At Tapout Fitness in Dunwoody, we make an effort to personally get to know every client, learning their names and goals. Our clients love this individual attention because it makes them feel at home and as if they are part of something bigger. We also have traditional personal trainers that can help you with routines and exercises that will help you reach your goals faster and more easily. Our experts have trained on programs based on the workouts that WWE fighters use, in accordance with our exclusive partnership with that organization. The personal attention you will receive will keep you coming back to work out day after day, week after week.

The Total Package

All told, Tapout Fitness in Dunwoody is the total gym package. Our group classes encourage you to connect with and cheer for other people, reminding you that everyone in the gym is there for the same thing. Alternatively, our individual training sessions help you fine-tune your routine and hone in on your inner athlete. These two combined make Tapout Fitness a gym unlike any other.

When you join Tapout Fitness in Dunwoody, we don’t skimp on the perks. Your membership includes 24-hour access to our facilities, unlimited tanning, one 30-minute session with a personal trainer, one 30-minute boxing/cardio boxing lesson and a pair of boxing gloves and hand wraps. Once you get a feel for everything our amazing gym has to offer, you will be looking forward to your daily workouts more than ever before.

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