If you are in Norcross, Johns Creek, Roswell, Woodstock, Acworth, Alpharetta, Berkley Lake, Duluth, Peachtree Corners, Brookhaven, Buckhead, Atlanta, Chamblee, or Doraville and are looking for a low priced 24 hour access fitness center Tapout Fitness is for you!

One of the most established players in the small to small mid-sized (3,000 sq feet to 10,000 sq feet) 24 hour access gym industry is Anytime Fitness®. Likely, you have seen one or heard of them. The Anytime Fitness model is to establish fitness centers in retail plazas that are between 3,000 square feet on the lower end and 8,000 square feet on the high end. The Anytime Fitness® business model is to have a simple gym set up that can fit in a retail plaza that provides 24 hour key card access so members can use the gym 24/7/365, and the owner doesn’t need to provide staffing 24 hours a day which for many small businesses would be cost prohibitive. Anytime Fitness® is a franchise, so each unit is owned by a different person, which means that the level of customer service and “competency” of each particular gym will vary widely, depending on who owns or manages that unit. Let’s review a couple of key features of Anytime Fitness® and see how it stack up against us here at Tapout!



-24/7/365 key card access required. When you sign up you must buy an access card as part of enrollment

-Small to small mid-size gyms (average is around 4,500 square feet)

-Some have group fitness classes and some do not, depends on the individual unit owner. Anytime Fitness® units that have classes tend to have them as a value add, not a key part of the gyms concept. What that practically means, is that they will typically only offer a few classes a week, and they will likely be of a very limited selection.

-Anytime Fitness® may or may not have 1 or 2 punching bags hung around the gym, but again, this depends on the unit owner and it will never be a core part of the Anytime Fitness® concept.

-Anytime Fitness® does offer personal training at all their gyms

-Anytime Fitness® usually do not have locker rooms, nor do they have large scale amenities

-Anytime Fitness® will occasionally retail supplements or RTD drinks

-Anytime Fitness® memberships follow the following basic formula: 12 month contract $34.00 a month plus annual and sign up fees, 24 month contract $32.00 a month plus annual and sign up fees, 36 month contract $30.00 a month plus annual and sign up fees.


-24/7/365 key card access, but it is not required. If you do not need to come to the gym after staffed hours, Tapout does not require you to purchase one, and can save you substantial money at the point of sign up

-Small mid-size model (our Norcross location is 7,350 square feet and the Woodstock location is 6,000 square feet). This size is perfect, not too big but also not too small, with room for it all

-Tapout Fitness has an incredible group fitness calendar based on boxing, kickboxing, mixed martial arts, and boot camp fitness. That being said we didn’t forget to equip our 24 hour gym to the highest standard either, and since Tapout is owned by a gym rat and military veteran, we know exactly what needs to be in that weight room to make it complete

-Tapout Fitness has literally dozens of punching/kick bag stations, as well as a full sized boxing ring/MMA cage area in all our facilities, and always will

-Tapout has personal trainers and they are all NASM certified as well as having martial arts and or boxing backgrounds

-Tapout has a full nutritional supplement retail store in house

-The Tapout price structure is dynamic and fluid to make sure we can custom tailor a membership to meet your needs and budget! With memberships starting at less than $25.00 a month, we work with everyone to make sure that if they want to be a part of Tapout, we make it happen almost no matter what budget they are working with

Tapout Fitness is the next evolution in small mid-size 24 hour access gyms. Specialized top notch instruction and fitness with an edge all for less money.


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