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Lifetime Fitness is a major player in the gym industry. With about 1.5 billion dollars in revenue last year, they are the highest grossing fitness chain in the world. Lifetimes are typically very large facilities with many amenities, and the Luxurious appointments create an environment that many describe as a country club with a gym in it. When people come into Tapout Fitness and mention Lifetime Fitness it is usually in one of a few contexts:

  • – They are currently Lifetime members and are looking for either a secondary gym closer to home or work that they can do a basic workout in without breaking the bank. For them, Tapout is a great choice as we have fitness memberships for far less than $1 a day.
  • – They are past or current but about to cancel Lifetime Fitness members who, after being a member for some amount of time, realized that they were only going to the facility and working out with the things most any gym will have, so why to pay those Lifetime prices if they are just going to use a treadmill and weights. For them, Tapout is also great choice since we are also 24 hours, and have most everything you’ll find in a Lifetime (with regards to workout equipment, cardio, machines, etc. They just have more of them because they have thousands of members and we have hundreds).
  • – They are current Lifetime members who want to keep the Lifetime membership but also want to participate in the boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, boot camp, BJJ, fitness based MMA classes that Tapout offers for something new and different. For people who don’t mind the expense of having dual memberships, Tapout can provide a new and fun twist to their workout programs and teach them some amazing skills, while also giving them the convenience of a full 24 hour gym so they can do their “normal” workout with us as well, if they wish.
  • – They are current Lifetime members who wanted to check out Tapout Fitness, but prefer the size and focus on amenities that Lifetime offers, so do not join our gym. In this case, Lifetime is just the better choice, as Tapout Fitness is by design a smaller gym and will never have pools, steam rooms, etc.

Whenever a current or former Lifetime Fitness person comes here, I always make sure that the person taking the tour understands that it’s not an apples to apples comparison and that the two facilities are vastly different in what we offer and the ethos that we operate under, and I honestly tell people who want the following they would be better off sticking with Lifetime:

  • – A very large facility
  • – Large locker rooms with luxurious appointments
  • – In house spa (that you pay by the service for)
  • – In house café (that you pay for as you order)
  • – “Sporting” facilities like basketball or racquetball courts.
  • – Pool
  • – A more impersonal but more “corporate” environment.
  • – Budget is not a consideration
  • – Amenity based gym

Some people love the huge facility, wood lockers, etc. If someone falls into some of the above categories then Lifetime is likely a good choice for them, and they may or may not be interested in a dual membership. However, if the below items apply, Tapout could be an excellent alternative:

  • – Mid-sized neighborhood 24 hour fitness center that is veteran/family owned. Supporting small family owned businesses is something everyone should make an effort to do. Without small businesses providing options and checks and balances there would be no place to work out but Lifetime, no place to shop but Walmart, etc.
  • – A gym that is big enough to have everything you need but is not so big as to be overwhelming. Why does Lifetime have 50 treadmills? Because they are so crowded they need them. Tapout is never packed to the brim.
  • – Tanning bed use included with all memberships (Lifetime doesn’t have them).
  • – Highly personalized customer service. Tapout is a boutique style gym so we know who are members are, we know their names, and we know what they are trying to accomplish with us. A Lifetime location likely has 10,000 to 15,000 members and the front desk person probably really could care less, they are watching the clock until their shift is over.
  • – An amazing and unique selection of Kickboxing, Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, and Bootcamp based FITNESS classes that are geared towards both teaching you to really use the skills and getting you in the best shape of your life. Tapout is not a fight gym, but we sure will train you like one!
  • – Full Kickboxing/Boxing facilities including boxing ring, speed bags, double end bags, uppercut bag, and dozens of standard punch and kick bags mounted for effective use. Come use the equipment as part of a class, private lessons, or on your own.
  • – In-house kids karate program taught by an 8th degree Ishinru Karate expert. Our karate classes are not only great instruction, they are priced great, and we have a partnership with several local pre-k programs providing off site karate instruction to students as part of an after school program.
  • – Memberships that start as low as $22.99 a month. Lifetime just raised their lowest priced membership to $82.00 a month, with the upper tier costing over $120.00 a month. Think about whether you are really getting your money’s worth, and if you’d be better off with a more cost effective option.

For the right person, Lifetime is a great gym, but we believe that Tapout is even better (as long as you’re not looking for a place to get a facial while you look at workout equipment). Come give us a chance to prove it!


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