Kickboxing has exploded in popularity in recent years. What was once a fringe martial art form practiced by a small but dedicated group of fighters who trained for tournaments, amateur, and professional bouts has matured into a mainstream form of group fitness, and it’s a small wonder why. Kickboxing is an amazing total body workout, burning up to 1200 calories in a 60 minute class. While that’s an impressive number, what really sets kickboxing apart from other group training programs is how fun it is! There is nothing to blow off steam and get the endorphin flowing like striking a kick bag with all the power you can muster! The popularity of this killer workout routine has caused the normal gold rush scenario that occurs whenever a new hot product enters the marketplace. Many people and companies scramble to meet the needs of the consumer, which In this case that has led to two different streams of kickboxing products coming onto the scene; numerous small footprint franchise or independent gyms dedicated solely to providing kickboxing group exercise programs, as well as more traditional large fitness centers attempting to integrate kickboxing classes into their facilities. Here’s a breakdown of what you may find with each of the above.

THE SMALL STUDIO KICKBOXING GYM OPTION: This is one of the top trends in the fitness industry at the moment. Small studio style kickboxing facilities are growing in numbers rapidly for several reasons. First of all, they’re cheap to open when compared to a traditional fitness center. Starting one requires only a small amount of square footage, the only equipment you need are boxing training stations which compared to cardio/strength training machines are very inexpensive, and you need minimal staff, which makes them attractive to small time business owners with limited money to get started and franchisees. On top of that, you can use the small space and the fact that the facility only offers one type of fitness activity to classify it as a “boutique”, and attempt to charge your members far more money for far less variety and services.

THE BIG BOX GYM INTEGRATING KICKBOXING: Many large gyms have added kickboxing classes to their group fitness calendar. These classes are typically done in a generic (and usually huge) group exercise room with no bags, no mitts, and no pads to strike, just an instructor up front teaching class thru a microphone. The classes are usually also conducted with no hand wraps or gloves. They are basically a dance style class where you throw punches and kicks at the air. Now shadow boxing can be an effective workout, but in order for a kickboxing workout to be not just effective but fun, you need to strike bags and mitts with gloves.

WHAT MAKES THE TAPOUT KICKBOXING PROGRAM STAND OUT: We offer what we call a hybrid program that incorporates effective functional kickboxing training with a fitness driven underlying purpose. What does that mean? It means you’re going to learn how to kick-box from serious experts with major credentials, but you’re going to do it in an atmosphere that is fun and focused on fitness goals vs tournament or prize fighting kickboxing. On top of that we also have all the traditional workout equipment that anyone needs to do a great work out with weights, machines, or cardio pieces. What’s more, we have all this in a 24 hour access facility, for prices that can compete with the discount fitness centers. If you’re in Norcross, Chamblee, Doraville, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Duluth, Berkley Lake, Peachtree Corners, Brookhaven, Suwanee, Lawrenceville, or Atlanta and are looking for an innovative 24 hour gym come to #TapoutNorcross and join the fitness revolution!


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