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Personal Trainer
Many people come to the gym and have very specific physique based goals. They want to lose weight, gain muscle, develop tone, etc. Maybe they have certain parts of their bodies that need improvement and want a better butt, more firm arms, or hard flat abs. More often than not, people don’t have the specific knowledge to achieve those goals. They come to the fitness center, and spend a few minutes on the treadmill or elliptical, they move to the machine area and do a few sets of curls or chest presses, then they go to the free weight zone and do a few sets of shoulder presses with the dumbbells, etc.

While coming to the gym and staying active is always a good thing, and a basic, unorganized, very general workout like the one above is WAY better than staying home and watching TV, and will provide general health and wellness benefits, along with some marginal weight loss/muscle tone results. However, with just a little guidance and structure that person could, in the same amount of time, and with the same amount of energy expended, perform a workout program that would give them real and visible body results, which is what most people want out of the gym. The difference between a workout that will be effective from a visual standpoint, and one that is simply a general well-being workout is usually proper structure and organization of the workout into an effective split, with the proper exercises for each body part. The traditional way to gain the structure you need is thru personal training.

Personal training is one on one training between a trainer, who is usually certified thru one or other organization such as NASM, ACE, along with many others. Personal training sessions are typically 30 minutes, and provide many benefits to the client, such as motivation, accountability, and workout guidance and structure. The drawbacks are the fact that you have to schedule your workout according to both you and your trainer’s availability, and the cost.

Tapout Fitness Norcross has an option that helps bridge the gap between independent workouts and personal training in our ongoing fitness consultation program. Members who enter our fitness consultation program gain access to our Trainerize fitness app, meet with one of our personal trainers to assess their goals and workout requirements, and we build them a custom workout plan supported by the Trainerize app and its numerous instructional videos, form correctors, and exercise descriptions. They have IM access to the training staff 24/7 so any questions they have about their workout will be answered promptly, and their workout plan is continually being updated based on the progress reports we see thru the Trainerize software, as well as our conversations with the member. This is a great option for members who recognize the fact that they need assistance in developing a proper workout plan, and are on a budget! Come see us at Tapout Fitness Norcross today and get enrolled today!


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