Tapout Fitness: Meet the Team

September 30, 2015

At Tapout Fitness, there is a wide variety of Tapout fitness classes that are available for people of all ages. Not only are there incredible classes and personal training available, but there is an incredible team behind it as well! Learn more about the owners of Tapout Norcross and the instructors of these amazing classes below.

Meet the Owners

Eric Boxer

Eric Boxer is one of the owners of Tapout Norcross and he is a decorated two tour Iraq war veteran who served as a combat medic for a platoon of cavalry scouts. Fitness was not just a hobby, but a way of life during his military service and Eric has carried that dedication over to Tapout Fitness.

Eric’s dedication and motivation towards health and fitness shines through Tapout Norcross along with a committed team who love to teach gym-goers what they’ve learned. Not only will you receive quality training in your classes, but you will also enjoy yourself and have fun while doing it.

Sean Boxer

As one of the owners of Tapout Norcross, Sean Boxer has been dedicated to providing incredible service to the customers as well as providing a fun and friendly environment. He has a background in customer service and sales, making him a prime candidate to make Tapout Norcross the best it can be.

The goal of these owners is to make sure that each and every client that walks through the door feels warm and welcomed. Providing a comfortable, clean, and organized atmosphere are only a few of the top priorities that they offer at Tapout Norcross.

At Tapout Norcross, we have incredible instructors for our classes as well as amazing owners who help make all of this possible. You can tap in to all of this and more! If you’re interested in learning more about the Tapout fitness classes available and how you can be involved in an incredible fitness community, visit our website today!