April 01, 2017

Everyone has different parameters they find important when searching for a local gym. Some people want very specific marital arts like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or high end boxing instruction. Others need a basic facility with a good selection of machine and free weights that’s open 24 hours. Others still love the idea of challenging and fun group fitness classes with great personal trainers on staff to help them achieve their goals.

Tapout Fitness Norcross is a local gym that has all of the above and more!

  • 24/7/365 fitness center access
  • Tons of machines, free weights, and cardio equipment of all types
  • Great music and environment
  • Incredible classes like kickboxing, boxing, BJJ, MMA, and high intensity boot camps
  • Supplements, personal training, and tanning beds available to get you looking and feeling your best
  • Veteran owned local business

If you are looking for an exciting and different local gym near you, Tapout Fitness Norcross is the place to come to keep you motivated! Come check us out today and see why we are growing like crazy!!