Gyms with Kickboxing classes

July 10, 2017

Right now one of the hottest workouts is kickboxing, and gyms with kickboxing classes are in! Why? Because kickboxing and boxing based workout programs and classes are fun and effective ways to not only lose weight and get more tone and fit in general, but also to develop self-confidence and self-defense skills that will enable you to handle any situation. In a 60 minute kickboxing class you can expect to burn between 700 and 1200 calories, get a really serious sweat on, and have a great time!

Tapout Fitness Norcross should be your choice for gyms with kickboxing classes:

-24 hour fitness center

-Amazing group fitness programs

-Top notch personal trainers

-Rates for every budget

-Advanced mixed martial arts and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program