Cheap Gym Membership

May 09, 2017

Everybody wants cheap, but there is a difference between cheap and low cost! Tapout Fitness has a well-equipped, clean, organized, 24 hour fitness center with rates as low as $20 per month! Our expert staff of personal trainers and group fitness coaches can help you develop a workout program, either private or thru one of our 150 monthly group fitness classes, that can integrate boxing, cardio kickboxing, BJJ, MMA, Pilates/yoga, or high intensity interval training boot camp fitness classes into your workout program.


-Our cheap gym memberships will provide you access to a great 24 hour gym in Peachtree Corners that is anything but cheap! Great equipment, expert staff, clean and organized, amazing classes!

-150 plus monthly group fitness classes ranging from Pilates and yoga to cardio kickboxing, boxing, sparring night, and Jiu-Jitsu, as well as our signature HIIT boot camp fitness classes

-Personal trainers that build their training programs around our 120 day body transformation principal of integrating traditional personal training, cardio kickboxing/boxing, and boot camp fitness into a customer personal training plan that will maximize results and fun!

-Veteran owned family local business.

At Tapout Fitness you can have a cheap gym membership, get great quality, have the flexibility to “grow up” in the gym and take on more expensive class and specialized training programs, work with personal trainers near you to build custom and fun training programs, and support a local veteran owned family business that has facility that is never too crowded!