April 08, 2017

Tapout Fitness Norcross has the top boxing classes in Norcross or all of Atlanta!

Boxing is a great workout, but many boxing gyms that offer boxing classes are not well equipped in other areas. They tend to be small, frequently the paint is chipping, the bathrooms are less than sanitary, and the equipment has seen better days. Many people want the benefits of a great boxing workout, but they also want to be able to come into a clean, organized, welcoming environment that they can bring the whole family to. Tapout Fitness Norcross and Woodstock both have incredible boxing classes, taught by experienced boxers, as well as the having a fully equipped 24 hour fitness center, tons of other group fitness classes, and top notch personal trainers and fitness staff who will get you in fighting shape!

Come to Tapout Fitness for the boxing but enjoy all the other benefits of our gym:

  • 24 hour gym
  • Tons of free weights, machines, and cardio equipment
  • Amazing staff of fitness, boxing, martial arts experts
  • Organized and clean fitness center
  • Private showers
  • Tanning beds
  • Membership that start as low as $20 per month

Tapout Fitness is the most versatile boxing gym in Norcross or all of Atlanta! Come check us out today!