Fitness Fanatics Rejoice! The Ultimate Gym Experience for Brookhaven, Georgia Is Here!

Tapout Fitness in Norcross Serves Fitness to Brookhaven

To those looking for a gym that offers group classes and a personal atmosphere, Tapout Fitness in Norcross is the gym for you. Based on our MMA fighting brand, Tapout Fitness brings total elite fitness to the Brookhaven area. Our members enjoy the privilege of working out in our state-of-the-art facilities with our highly trained staff. Looking for the total package? Tapout Fitness is the gym for you!

Elite Fitness Partnership

Not only are we connected to the Tapout MMA fighting brand, but we also have an exclusive partnership with the WWE! Our facilities, classes, and workouts are based around the same programs that these athletes use to get and stay in shape. We utilize these two partnerships to create a fitness experience that is unmatched in the rest of Georgia.

The Full Spectrum of Services

Total body fitness is a commitment, and it takes more than just one or two sweat sessions per week. We designed our gym to appeal to gym goers of all kinds, whatever your goals are. That’s why we offer the full spectrum: a cardio zone, resistance machines, free weights, a fighting gym, and group classes.

As a member, you will have access to all our services to create the workout regime that best fits your goals. We have everything in one location, so getting fit and strong has never been so convenient!

Certified Personal Trainers

Need help developing a fitness plan? Our personal trainers are highly qualified to help all our members, regardless of their fitness level. Bodybuilders with years of experience can enlist the help of a personal trainer to get the extra edge on their fitness. Brand new gym goers can build the foundations of an effective workout plan. Marathoners can increase their strength to run faster and smarter. Athletes in any sport can stay fit in the off-season. Literally anyone of any fitness level can benefit from a custom fitness plan created by one of our personal trainers.

The best part of signing up at Tapout Fitness in Norcross? We are just a short drive from Brookhaven! Join today for the ultimate gym experience! When you sign up, you receive a complimentary thirty-minute session with a personal trainer and a set of hand wraps. So what do you have to lose?


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