The Complete Gym Experience for Berkeley Lake, Georgia

Tapout Fitness in Norcross Offers the Total Package

If you are looking for a complete gym experience, Tapout Fitness in Norcross is the gym for you! We offer the total package to gym goers in the entire Norcross area, including highly trained personal trainers, exciting fitness classes, and a focus on elite fitness.

There is no other gym in Berkeley Lake that offers the service, amenities, and professionalism that Tapout Fitness does. The short, ten-minute drive from Berkeley Lake to Norcross is well worth it for a workout experience unlike any other.

Personal Trainers

When you choose a gym, it is important to choose one with a professional staff that is trained in fitness. Tapout Fitness only employs highly trained, well-qualified personal trainers to help our members reach their fitness goals. Searching for fitness in Berkeley Lake just got easier, because the trainers at Tapout Fitness know the strategies for diet and exercise that will allow you to meet your goals.

Even if you choose not to use the services of a personal trainer, you will still enjoy a personal touch. When you join Tapout Fitness, you join our team of members, trainers, and staff. The employees at our gym are focused on learning about our members, knowing their names, and contributing to their fitness success. At Tapout Fitness, we are all a team working toward the same thing: a fit life.

Fitness Classes

Over years of focus and dedicated practice, Tapout Fitness has developed a range of fitness classes that push our members further toward their fitness goals. Created by experts, our classes allow members of all fitness levels to work out together; even our instructors work out alongside class members, which emphasizes our dedication to building a fitness team.

Elite Fitness

Above all things, Tapout Fitness is dedicated to elite fitness. We have an exclusive partnership with the WWE, and all our programs and classes are based around the programs that WWE athletes use to stay in shape. We know that there is more than one way to get fit, which is why we have created a gym that offers everything to our clients: cardio, weight machines, free weights, boxing/fighting areas, and group classes.

Anyone seeking a gym in Berkeley Lake would do well at Tapout Fitness in Norcross. Our easy to find location is a short drive away, and our fitness programs make us well worth the drive. Even better, when you join, you will gain access to our state-of-the-art facility, a complimentary thirty-minute session with a personal trainer, and free hand wraps. So what are you waiting for?


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