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Are you tired of going to an average gym? Do you want to look forward to your daily exercise? Do you get bored watching the sea of people on the treadmills, blankly looking forward as they trudge through their workout? Look no further than Tapout Fitness in Atlanta, the gym that is unlike any other! At Tapout Fitness, our goal is to make exercising dynamic, fun and challenging. Once you come to our gym in Atlanta and get a taste of the personal atmosphere, the exciting group classes and everything else that makes Tapout Fitness the total package, you will keep coming back for more, day after day, week after week.

Personal Atmosphere

There is nothing worse than going to the gym and seeing everyone there desperately avoiding eye contact. At Tapout Fitness in Atlanta, we know that everyone in our gym is working toward the same goal: physical improvement. That’s why we make an effort every day to get to know our clients and for our clients to get to know each other. At Tapout Fitness, we don’t want to be strangers. Our Atlanta gym goers love coming to our 7,500-square-foot facility, where they can engage someone in a boxing or fighting match. In addition, we offer qualified personal trainers who can help you reach your fitness goals by showing you new exercises and introducing new routines.

High-Energy Group Classes

As effective as weight machines and cardio machines can be when you are working toward your fitness goals, often a total body workout is a more efficient way to get there. Our exciting, high-energy classes are the total body workouts that Atlanta gym goers crave, and they are taught by our qualified instructors. These classes, which are based on the workout routines that WWE fighters use to get fit, keep your heart rate up and challenge your body. The best part is that there is a class for everyone at any fitness level, whether you have never worked out a day in your life or you are a seasoned strong man competitor. In our classes, the instructor and your classmates are all giving 100% and are cheering you on to do the same. When you are in a class at Tapout Fitness in Atlanta, you are part of a team that is working toward getting and staying fit.

The Total Package

The combination of personal attention to your workout and group classes makes Tapout Fitness the ultimate gym in Atlanta. We offer you, our client, the total gym package so that you can go on to become the total fitness package yourself. When you join Tapout Fitness Atlanta, you receive 24-hour access to our facility, unlimited tanning, complimentary boxing gloves and hand wraps, one 30-minute session with a personal trainer and one 30-minute boxing or cardio boxing class. Once you get a feel for everything Tapout Fitness has to offer, you will quickly realize that there is no other gym in Atlanta that can compare.

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